I would like to personally welcome you to our Saladmaster Family. We’re excited for the opportunity to work alongside you and help you build what can be a rewarding and successful business.

Our mission at Saladmaster is to inspire others to eat better, live better and achieve the life they desire. We believe great home-cooked meals and quality time spent with your family can lead to a fresh, healthier approach to life.

Today, families are under more pressure than ever to deliver healthy meals to their families in a timely manner. Saladmaster products help you create a delicious, healthy, home-cooked meal in less time.

We’re happy that you want to share our mission and bring it to your family and friends.

Make sure to read every part of this ASSOCIATE START! guide. We hope it inspires you to bring your business to friends, family and the peoplein your community. Ask your Dealer if you have any questions and pleasefeel free to ask for help at any time.

We are here to work with you each step of the way as you advance through the Success Program. Welcome to the Saladmaster Family!

We Change Life!

Ayo Olaseinde



We have great opportunities and we are inviting you to experience the Saladmaster opportunity as a referral or booking partner, consumer, associate, cooking coach, lateral distributor, dealer. We are looking for partners who help refer couples who love to cook and are passionate about their health for face to face or virtual sessions to earn gifts, bonuses or cooking coaches who like to move up and lead a team with dedication, passion to help others and succeed in the Saladmaster Career.

Apply now as:

  • Consumer

  • Part-time referral partner

  • Part-time cooking coach

  • Full-time referral partner

  • Full-time cooking coach

  • Lateral Distributor/Dealer (with previous leadership experience/team management)

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