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D' ULCE Salad Master (D Universal Life Changers Enterprises Incorporated)  was founded in of August 2017 and now helps everyday people enjoy healthier, better tasting food.  

We provide generational cookware to both you and your family as well as opportunities for personal and financial growth.  Schedule your very own free cooking demonstration today. 

About Us

D Universal Life Changers Enterprises Incorporated started from a dinner cooked by a friend and a high school-college schoolmate in August 2017. The minute I saw the oiliness or waterless, state-of-the art cooking system with speed and maximum nutrition retention, I fell in love with the product and decided to invest even without the consent of my husband Brian. However, after trying the product, he also fell in love with it! He continues to enjoy it to this day.

Saladmaster gave us the opportunity to achieve our dream of providing our family with the best nourishment and health. It also allowed us to earn our Chef Set and multiple travel rewards that we share with our SM family. The passion and determination to share  and help others lead us to build our very own magnificent D’ULCE Family, which became an official Saladmaster Authorized Distributor in February 2019.

In February of 2020, Brian was able to start managing our D’ULCE office after a 15-year Restaurant Management position. He is able to see/spend more time with us, kids, and family.

Through the tremendous support from our investors, hosts, show guests, and the hard work and full cooperation from each of our leaders, members, volunteers, and advisors, D’ULCE garnered two of the most prestigious awards given by Saladmaster: Top 1 Direct Dealership in Eagle Division and Top 2 in International Winner Circle (IWC), which we both achieved in 2019- the first year we became official Direct Dealers! We also achieved Senior Dealership Level in the same year. 

We are super proud of our team. We treat every member as our own family, we enjoy cooking, traveling and creating life-long memories together. We want to build and grow our D’ULCE family and we are looking for more partners with similar values who love to work above and beyond to learn, share, grow, and become successful.

Saladmaster offers a very great opportunity!  Be a part of our awesome team! Join us now and welcome to our D’ULCE Saladmaster Family! 

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